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Ezist makes your life easy by organizing all your products latest updates, keeping track of its history and all such valuable information securely in one place. What's more? You get to interact with people on networking site who have related products allowing you to exchange insights and share opinions. This way you will learn more about the products you use.

Imagine this - your car or laptop just broke, and you immediately rushed to the nearest service center only to find out that the recently replaced part is not working again. The replaced part had a warranty, but you forgot, and you needed to shell out cash equivalent to the price of the new part. How could I forget this? Your exact thought. Right?

Isn't it a clever idea to save all such details of your products like cars, mobile devices, or any other expensive item that you possess and share with your family members?

ezist-about us
ezist-about us

This is where Ezist comes in. Our platform sends timely reminders about warranty expiration of cars, phones, laptops, television, smart watches, and other products you own.

More than that, the manufacturers of the products you own can directly send you valuable information such as recalls, latest updates, and discounts, among others through Ezist.

We are working rigorously to build more features that make your life comfortable, and we aim to become an essential tool in your day-to-day activities.